Live Within 30 Miles of Greensboro? We Deliver!

Is your home or business within 30 miles of our Greensboro location? We proudly deliver pine straw, mulch, and more! Visit our pine straw and mulch delivery page for a full list of the counties and cities that we service. Don’t see your city listed? Call our office at (336) 676-1217 to speak with a representative to discuss your requests. Our customer service representatives are standing by ready to schedule your delivery!

NC Long Leaf Pine Needles Available

Great news! We have a steady supply of NC Long Leaf pine needles, available for pick up or delivery. Our needles are freshly hand baled, and have beautiful color. Hand-baled needles are much cleaner than machine-baled, because pine cones, sticks and trash are removed during the baling process, while a machine just scoops up whatever is on the forest floor. Stop by during business hours to pick up your needles, or give us a call and we will schedule a delivery for you.

Prepare Your Vegetable Garden For a Successful Growing Season!

Many people mistakenly think of The Mulch Yard as having only mulch.  Although we do have a wide selection of mulch, we also have topsoil, garden soil and fill dirt that can be used for lawns, landscaping, and gardens.  Now is the time to prepare your spring vegetable garden for a successful growing season and we have just the thing you need. Our bio soil will take your garden from soil to seedlings to salad. Contact us today to learn more about our bio soil and/or to schedule your delivery.

What Type of Mulch Should I Buy?

At The Mulch Yard in Greensboro, we offer a wide variety of mulch, pine straw, sand, soil, and gravel available for pick or delivery. In this video, owner, Jeremy Campbell, explains the different kinds of mulches, how they differ, and where they work best. Read on and watch our video to learn which type of mulch will best meet your needs!

Our different kinds of mulch include:
  • Double-Ground Hardwood Mulch is great on banks or areas that have water
  • Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets make beautiful flower beds.
  • Decorative Dyed Mulches are available in brown, red, and black.
  • Cedar Mulch is made from the whole tree being ground up. They are great for dog lots because it repels fleas and ticks and has a great smell.
  • Certified Playground Mulch has been ground and chipped so it has no rough edges making it safe for kids to play in. It is often used on playgrounds and in schools, daycares, churches, and even for personal use.

Add A Whole New Dimension To Your Yard With Concrete Statuaries

Concrete statuaries can add so much beauty to your yard and can truly add a whole new dimension to your outdoor living space. We have a huge selection of statuaries to choose from including religious, military, bird baths, benches, planters, animals and so much more. Stop in today to see our full inventory of options. To learn more visit our page on concrete statuaries.

Special Offer on Statuaries for  a limited time – Buy 3 and get 1 FREE

I’ve Always Bought Mulch in Bags, Why Should I Buy Bulk?

Customers who have a history of buying bags of mulch are often intimidated by the prospect of buying mulch in bulk. It can be confusing to figure out how much you need, and how you are going to get it spread. The Mulch Yard has solutions!

Q: How do I convert bags to cubic yards?
A: There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. Most bagged mulch is sold in 2 cubic foot bags. So, for every 13.5 bags, you need one cubic yard. Example: If you used 54 bags last year, you would get the same amount of mulch in 4 cubic yards. Continue reading “I’ve Always Bought Mulch in Bags, Why Should I Buy Bulk?”

Where does Our Pine Straw Come From?

At Mulchyard, our pine straw suppliers are all family-owned operations in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Most of the fields we use are in the Pinehurst community. Trash, pine cones, bark, rocks, etc are removed before baling to ensure there is no debris mixed in with the pine needles. From there, our pine needles are hand-raked and baled, using box balers. Hand-baled pine straw is packed much tighter ensuring that each bale holds more pine straw.

All the needles we purchase our fresh. In fact, we can ensure that our needles go from the field to the customer within a week. Most big box stores take anywhere from months to years to get their product out to the consumer.

Fresh NC pine needles that have been hand-raked and hand-baled last much longer and provide more ground cover than pine needles purchased in a store. They provide the best value for your home or business while benefiting local businesses. Contact us today for an estimate of your ground cover project. We are proud to offer pine straw spreading in addition to our pick-up and delivery service. NC Pine Straw Field




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