Where does Our Pine Straw Come From?

At Mulchyard, our pine straw suppliers are all family-owned operations in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Most of the fields we use are in the Pinehurst community. Trash, pine cones, bark, rocks, etc are removed before baling to ensure there is no debris mixed in with the pine needles. From there, our pine needles are hand-raked and baled, using box balers. Hand-baled pine straw is packed much tighter ensuring that each bale holds more pine straw.

All the needles we purchase our fresh. In fact, we can ensure that our needles go from the field to the customer within a week. Most big box stores take anywhere from months to years to get their product out to the consumer.

Fresh NC pine needles that have been hand-raked and hand-baled last much longer and provide more ground cover than pine needles purchased in a store. They provide the best value for your home or business while benefiting local businesses. Contact us today for an estimate of your ground cover project. We are proud to offer pine straw spreading in addition to our pick-up and delivery service. NC Pine Straw Field